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Textile & Leather Products Manufacturers

Textile & Leather Products (T&L) is a multibillion dollar business. Manufacturers produce high quality apparel, accessories, bedding, handbags, shoes, furniture, food & beverage items, home furnishings, and toys. The leading T&L companies are focused on providing their customers with the very best in high quality, durable, and stylish products at prices that are reasonable and affordable.

T&L products require the same care and maintenance as their paper counterparts. Wood, cotton, nylon, polyester, microfiber, canvas, wool, and silk are some of the most common fibers used in the manufacturing of T&L. Because these materials can absorb moisture, many manufacturers also use environmentally safe materials to protect the products during shipment.

Down feathers and down fabric are top sellers for many manufacturers. Both offer the finest quality and warmth. Down feathers have long been associated with luxury pet care products because of their luxurious texture and softness. Down Fabric has been used to make high quality waterproof jackets and bags for people who enjoy skiing, snowboarding, and other outdoor sports.

Feather down products require a significant amount of maintenance. must be carefully cleaned and oiled to prevent them from becoming too stiff and hard. During this maintenance, the finished product must be dried in a cool, dry area, preferably outdoors, or it may become compressed.

Textile & Leather Products suppliers sell quality down products and provide quality guarantees. Their research and development team work together to develop feather down products for the very best in animal welfare. They work with the leading manufacturers to develop feather products that meet and exceed government standards.

Today’s manufacturing methods have come a long way from those of just a few decades ago. Products are manufactured using environmentally friendly chemical substances, and following all industry safety regulations. It is now possible to purchase paper towels, disposable items, and other items from the manufacturer direct. Just think of how much time and money you could save by using a Manufacturer Direct supplier instead of a wholesaler.

So you want to know what makes a textile & leather products wholesaler better than another? If were to ask a textile & leather products manufacturer which wholesaler he or she trusts the most, they would probably tell you to buy from a manufacturer direct. For one thing, a manufacturer direct wholesaler will not charge you extra for packing and shipping. It’s always a good idea to buy your cloth products from a direct wholesaler.

And apparel manufacturers will often purchase a factory direct wholesaler as well. An apparel manufacturer will rarely need to order the product from a manufacturer, because he or she already has the items in stock.

New Zealand manufactures industrial products and specialises in textile & leather products. And why wouldn’t they?

Textile & Leather Products Manufacturers

The well-known Australian company, Specialty Clothing, produces some of the most well known textiles, outdoor gear, and leather products. Their products include hosiery, socks, gloves, sandals, riding boots, and clothing. Their products are manufactured using wool, cotton, and other natural fibers. Specialty Clothing manufactures shoes, clothing, and bags for men, women, and children.

You can find them on the web at and at Microfiber Gear manufactures bathing, loungewear, beachwear, sun protection, and leisurewear for both men and women. You can find their accessories on their website at There you will find products such as towels, tablecloths, patio covers, table covers, umbrellas, and pillow covers.

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